MATERIAL Silver .925, Gold Vermeil 23k,Rose Gold Vermeil 18k, Rubies
TANE began to make its unmistakable cocks in 1961, from the notesof fighting cocks taken by Pedro Leites in the palenque “CuatroCaminos”. The success of this design was such that president AdolfoLopez Mateos gave copies of these pieces in a silver case to the kingsof Belgium Alberto and Paola, who were on an official visit to Mexico.

TANE’s roosters were also acquired by María Félix who had them inher living room table, and continuously took them to Europe to givethem to her dearest friends. Their popularity grew among heads ofstate, royalty, diplomats and celebrities; because of their Mexicansymbolism and the important artisan work that each rooster requires,from TANE’s goldsmiths