Gender Object D’Art
Triada is an Object Art work made by TANE and Jorge Marín. Mexican sculptor and painter, he has been an active figure in the contemporary art world for the last 25 years. He began sculpting ceramics in the early eighties. Bronze has been his favorite material for the last ten years. His work often depicts horses, centaurs, garudas, children, madonnas, acrobats, along with elements such as spheres, masks, arrows, ships and scales. These concepts are consistent with recurring themes of reflection and balance. "Triad", as the title of the work alludes to, in principle denotes three silver xoloitzcuintles on a raft sculpted from the same material and inspires the idea that it floats on water. The reference to water and allusion to death, however, is evident. Friar Diego Duran, Spanish chronicler of the sixteenth century, narrates that these dogs were represented in Mexica mythology with the function of accompanying the dead to Mictlan, the place where they went after death".