Metal sterling silver and 23 karat yellow gold vermeil
Dimensions 2.8" x 0.7" x 4.3" with 31.4" chain
The Quetzal Pendant from the Animal Collection by TANE is made in sterling silver and 23 karat yellow gold vermeil. Suspended from a 31.4" chain is an irregular link designed for the collection, inspired by nature.

Through the link, the plumage of the Quetzal unfolds, the protagonist species of the piece that was sculpted to recreate its captivating textures. Handmade in Mexico.

When the Gods created the skies, they also created one final amazing gem to complete its beauty. Blowing into a Guayacán tree, with its blue-green leaves, they suddenly spotted a majestic bird carrying long, brightly colored feathers. Legendary, epic and untamable, the Quetzal is one of the most emblematic of Mexico’s species. The unique and sumptuous feathers are now immortalized in silver by TANE — through long and sophisticated lines that accentuate the grace and elegance of she who wears this piece.