Gender Casa TANE
From its origins, the Mayan culture analyzed the heavens to understand nature, the world, the crops, life and death and documented this information and way of seeing life in various codices and engravings. Their texts, icons, symbols and wide range of iconography continue to amaze us with their almost timeless aesthetics. From this legacy, mystery and mythology it is possible to extract subtleties, geometric visions of reality and infinity, of the sacred and the human. It allows us to analyze forms, extract compositions, understand modulations and decompose motifs in order to bring them to our days and exhibit these interpretations with complete contemporaneity. The abstraction of the Mayan glyphs with their identity and mysticism, are the inspiration for the creation of this collection of tableware made of silver and wood.

To preserve the beauty of your TANE products, we recommend that you avoid cleaning the parts with oil or alcohol based substances, cosmetics, perfumes or disinfectant.