Gender Objet D’Art
Negación Rojo is a work of Object Art made by TANE and Vicente Rojo. Great Catalan artist of Mexican origin by adoption, he was born in 1932 in Barcelona, Spain. He studied sculpture and ceramics at the elementary school of Labor. In 1949 he arrived in Mexico where he studied in the school of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, La Esmeralda of the INBA and in the workshop of Arturo Souto, from 1950 to 1953. In 1960 he co-founded Editorial Era, of which he was part of the editorial board and where he also collaborated as art director. A member of the so-called Generation of Rupture, he is an important and outstanding figure within this country's esthetic arts, and his figure is highly respected by colleagues and intellectual circles in general, and is considered one of the most important artists of abstractionism in Mexico. This Negation that is articulated in six combinable elements, takes up again his homonymous pictorial series allied with supreme refinement the dark wood to the silver.