Dimensions 2" x 0.8" x 2.8" with 31.4" chain
Metal sterling silver with 23 karat yellow gold vermeil 
The Jaguar Vermeil Pendant from the Animales Collection by TANE is made in sterling silver. Suspended from a chain of 31.4”, there are a pair of irregular links designed for the collection, inspired by nature. Inside the link rests the Jaguar, the main species of this piece, sculpted to recreate its silhouette and texture with great mastery, finished with 23 karat yellow gold vermeil. Handmade in Mexico.

Since the origins of Mexican culture, the jaguar has represented a very close link between the night and the gods, making it one of the most important species in our history. Extraordinarily strong, the jaguar moves like a mysterious and silent shadow, crossing the jungle in a fast, intuitive, unique way. With its distinctive hide, this breathtaking animal inspires the most impressive motifs used by TANE in this silver collection, as well as in silver with 23 karat yellow gold vermeil accents.