Gender Objet D’Art
Sculpture 1 is a work of Object Art made by TANE and Jorge Yázpik. Born in Mexico City in 1955, he has exhibited his work in the following places: in 1997 at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, in Oaxaca City; Museo de Arte Moderno and Museo Rufino Tamayo, in Mexico City. In 2004, at the School of Architecture of the Universidad Nacional Auto?noma de México in the Jose? Luis Benlliure; at the Casa Barragán and the Museo Nacional de Antropología e Historia, both in Mexico City. The author explains how the light of the objects determines the appearance of the work: "On a sunny day the piece sings differently. The form sings with its shadow and the shadow gives it another form because this is the third dimension. The shape suggests movement.

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