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Cuadratura is a work of Object Art made by TANE and Victor Vasarely. Born in Pécs, Hungary, in 1908, he is an artist who has often been considered as the father of op art. He was accepted in 1929 in the Alexanure Bortnyk workshop in Budapest, where he started in constructivism and discovered the essence of abstraction. In 1930 he arrived in Paris, where he devoted himself to graphic art, advertising for the next 25 years. It was in 1940 when he began to devote himself more specifically to artistic activity. In 1952, with his work Tribute to Melevitch, he proposed kineticism: the square leaning on its axis becomes a rhombus, creating an illusory depth. In December 1973 he began in Aix en Provence the construction of the foundation that bears his name.

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