Gender Objet D’Art
Columna Móvil is a work of Object Art made by TANE and Pedro Cervantes. Born on October 2, 1933 in Mexico City, he showed great interest in art since childhood, prompting him to model his first clay figures at the age of seven. He studied at the National School of Plastic Arts at Academia de San Carlos, of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, he has had many individual and collective exhibits in Mexico, in important cultural spaces of diverse countries of the American continent, as well as in France and Japan. Cervantes also highlights a monumental production that is dispersed in Mexico City and in several states of the Republic, there are collections of author's pieces in Mexico, United States, Panama, Venezuela, England, France and Japan. ? Throughout his career, the artist has received the recognition Salón de Artistas Jóvenes for his work "Escultura" (1965), the Elías Sourasky Award for his sculpture "Ícaro" (1968), the Honorable Mention at the Feria de la Plata in Taxco, Guerrero (1969), the Award of the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana for "Epicicloide" (1972) and President Nobutaka Shikinai of Japan. The author, about his life and work, says: "In the last centuries I was close to death. Now I am close to life, I am close to you".