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Cicek is the last piece that in life, the artist Yvonne Domenge left for TANE, building a further step in her legacy of artistic creation and in the history of Tane. What better way to do it than with Cicek, the language of geometry, depth and rhythm in the classic spheres of Yvonee Domenge.

The piece is made by TANE's goldsmiths in their workshops, from the original molds in a .925 silver casting process, and a polishing and assembly by hand with maximum attention to detail, generating an incomparable geometric perfection.

Yvonne Domenge was born in Mexico City in 1946 and studied art in Mexico, Montreal and Washington D.C.; specializing in sculpture. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, Puerto Rico, New York, Miami, Ghent, Bratislava and Bardonecchia. His work explores diverse materials ranging from stone, bronze, and wood to ice and resins. In April 2011, she became the first Mexican artist to participate in a two-year exhibition at Chicago's Millennium Park.

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