Dimensions .86"X .90"X.74"
Metal  .925 silver and 23k vermeil
Gender  Women
The Animales Churumbela Ring from the Animal´s Collection by TANE is made in silver .925 with 23 carat yellow Vermeil. It is composed of five rings joined by a back plate. Each ring is delicately decorated with the texture of the animals of the collection: Turtle, Quetzal, Jaguar and Snake. Handmade in Mexico.TANE, the Mexican luxury brand founded in 1942, once again innovates to surprise its customers with the most extensive collection in the brand’s history, ANIMALS by TANE. A beautiful tribute to Mexico’s spectacular and diverse fauna, this collection is an invitation to discover the characteristics that we share with different species, such as agility, power, seduction, and strength. ANIMALS is also a collection through which each woman can find a new means to express herself, an invitation to explore those characteristics that make her unique through forty-five different pieces, all handmade by the most talented craftsmen in the country, executed in .925 silver, 23 karat gold vermeil, and 18 carat gold.