Gender Objet D'Art
A Flor de Piel is a work of Object Art made by TANE and Betsabeé Romero. Born in Mexico in 1963, her work is an expression of the traditions and cultural elements of Mexico and Latin America, in which she mixes contemporary art with popular art. Romero specializes in issues of social importance such as migration, gender roles, Mexican traditions, religiosity and mestizaje. To this end, he uses and modifies everyday items of urban global consumption, such as: tires, gum, cars, tattoos, etc., which he impregnates with symbolism. His pieces, installations and interventions are a reflection on the contradictions of modernity. Betsabeé Romero has remained faithful to the Mexican style, rescuing traditions and cultural elements: her work makes references to ball games, Aztec idols, pre-Hispanic representations of death, etc. A Flor de Piel is a tribute to Vocho, symbol of Mexico's urban, family and intimate life for five decades. The story of a car that went beyond stories, genres and borders, becoming the most democratized car design in the world. "Each part is like an offering, an episode, where everyone and everything that crossed the country was tattooed".