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Tree of Life is a work of Object Art made by TANE. Inspired by a tradition that dates back to 1800 B.C., TANE presents a limited edition universal symbol that represents the Mexican heritage transformed into art by the hands of our master craftsmen, who express the most unique elements of Mexican culture. The creation of life trees is part of the ceramic tradition of the central mountain region of Mexico. The manufacture of ceramics in that area, which includes clay figures, dates from 1800 to 1300 B.C. The coloring of the figures began later, after the Olmec influence arrived to the area. Around 800 A.D., the influence of Teotihuacan brought with it the application of religious symbolism to many ceramic objects. Since then, matlatzinca pottery continued to develop with multiple influences in what is now the State of Mexico, since it was in a strategic position between the Valley of Mexico and what are now the states of Morelos and Guerrero. In TANE's Tree of Life, the original models were made in clay, handmade, by Mexican sculptors in Michoacán. This work of Art Object is elaborated in Mexican silver .925 and American walnut, making it unique in the country.

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