Dimensions 2.5" x 1.4" x 2.7" with 31.4" chain
Metal sterling silver with 23 karat yellow gold vermeil 
The Serpiente Vermeil Pendant from the Animales Collection by TANE is made in sterling silver. Suspended from a chain of 31.4”, there is an irregular link designed for the collection, inspired by nature. Through this link, a Serpent is wound upward, finished with 23 karat yellow gold vermeil, the main species of this piece, sculpted to recreate its imposing curves and beautiful textures. Handmade in Mexico.

The snake, a legendary animal that embodies power, respect, elegance and sophistication moves in a fluid and graceful way. Every movement, as well as its extraordinary texture, is transformed by TANE into fine, elegant lines made of silver. The symbol of the snake has tremendous cultural and legendary importance in Mexico, evidenced by the ancient architectural structures of the great pre-Hispanic civilizations.